Valentine’s Day Picnic Recipes

My hubby and I try not to go all-out on holidays. Most of the things we might want as a gift we haven’t bought already because it isn’t in the budget to buy it. So getting it for the other as a gift isn’t really the smartest thing to do in our frugal minds. But, we LOVE spending time together and it doesn’t get much better than having a whole day with my honey… especially these days with us both working a lot. I decided to surprise him when he came home in the morning with a cute little scavenger hunt leading him around the house with little activities at each clue like reading a story to Alanzo in my tummy, refilling the bird feeders, etc. The hunt ended with a picnic in our yard and some scrabble. We have more than enough land to have room for a nice day outside and the weather was amazing. So, of course, I had to keep the snacks healthy and I thought I would share a couple quick recipes with my lovely friends, family, and clients (who are basically a part of my family now, too)!

Turkey Avocado Roll Ups– these are SUPER simple… so much so that they’re barely a “recipe,” but they are perfect for a picnic or as a finger food at a party. For 2 servings:

– 2 Whole-Grain tortillas
– 1oz fat free cream cheese or Neufchâtel Cheese (sold next to cream cheese- if you’ve never had this, try it… it is way less fat and you won’t know the difference)
– 1 Small Avocado, lightly mashed
– .5lb thin sliced low-sodium turkey deli meat (I’m not a huge fan of deli meat nutritionally, but it is ok in moderation, especially in low-sodium variety)

Lay out the tortillas, spread cream cheese all over. Add turkey evenly over surface of tortillas then the avocado. Roll up, insert toothpicks about 1.5″ apart then slice in between toothpicks. Store and serve cold.



Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt Jars– My hubby LOVES cheesecake. And I love these adorable jars that I have a ton of, so I use them when I can. This made 6 jars (4oz each).

– 16oz plain Greek yogurt
– 2oz Neufchâtel Cheese or fat free cream cheese
– 1/4cup stevia
– 10 or so strawberries, diced
– 1/4cup graham cracker crumbs (optional)

Blend together the yogurt, Neuftchatel cheese, and stevia. Sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs at the bottom of each jar. Layer with yogurt mix, some strawberries, then yogurt and strawberries again. Finish with some crumbs on top and close up the jar! Store and serve cold.



I also made a salad with mixed spring greens and spinach, diced boiled egg and chicken, tomatoes and shredded cheese. Yum!


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