Anabolism and catabolism… The “secrets” to weight loss and muscle gain

People always want to know the secrets to weight loss and muscle gain. The truth is, while a bit scientific, those “secrets” are really quite basic. Trying to understand how your body functions from a basic scientific standpoint regarding energy can give you all the answers you need to choose the right number of calories to take in and burn and know what foods and products are beneficial and those to avoid.

I grow quite tired of all the seemingly magical products out there and wish people would invest their money and energy into educating themselves for the long term. But it’s the society we live in, I know. Living and eating healthy can seem overwhelming, but only because it sadly isn’t the norm in our culture and thus it is new and has a learning curve. Try to learn one new thing about how your body works and implement one new healthy choice each week and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make. 

This article is long and a bit scientific when it’s new information to you, but oh my gosh it really explains so much!!! Sorry it’s not a magic pill, but think of it this way… If you wanted to be a surgeon would you want to pay a bit of money to be handed the degree you need just to get to work in the field? Or would you rather take some time to actually know what the heck you’re doing so that you can be effective and successful?? Take your life into your own hands, or brain, really… And start soaking up some knowledge! 

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