Post pregnancy

Most of you who might read my blog are friends or clients of mine and have seen our new addition to the family in person or on Facebook. But yes, I am in love. And I need to share with everyone. Alanzo was born on April 10, 2015 after a planned induction that turned into an unplanned c section. 

My sweet boy was born with a full head of hair. Here’s one of the amazing shots my great friend Elisse from ElisseCarmaPhotography took in Alanzo’s first hour of life:  

I won’t share all his newborn pics, although they’re way too precious. Here are a few: 


I teach the Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness class at the gym. Needless to say they were thrilled to meet our new workout partner! 


I am recovered from surgery now and have been back in the gym for a month (was cleared for light exercise at 4weeks post partum). Alanzo isn’t old enough for the Kids Klub yet so daddy and I play a bit of switching off of baby to get our workouts in and train our clients. 


I am happy to be back into my old skin a bit and looking forward to showing everyone what I’m capable of!! Kelleybody 2.0, Mama edition, is on the way! 

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