Soreness remedies

Haha I have seen these looks before from my clients!!

Ever felt sore after a good workout? Probably so! A grueling workout can cause you to experience muscle tightness, joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. Instead of turning to medical solutions like pain killers, consider these natural remedies for pain and stiffness:
1. Glucosamine- prevents the breakdown of cartilage, easing joint pain caused by arthritis, chronic pain, and sport injury.

2. Glutamine- 61% of skeletal muscle is made up of this amino acid. Supplementation with glutamine can help restore levels after intense training and increase your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone which prevents breakdown of muscles, supports new muscle growth, and helps metabolize body fat.

3. Epsom Salt Bath- the absorption of magnesium sulfate through the skin can alleviate muscle inflammation and swelling.

4. Massage- relieves tension in muscles from weight training and alleviates delayed onset muscle soreness.

5. Foam Rolling- self-myofasccial release (SMR) is a fancy word for self massage. Applying pressure to specific points on the body aids in the recovery of muscles and their return to normal function.

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