Guiltless Cookies & Cream Protein Cheesecake!

Just say no to Valentine’s sale candy!! Make this totally guiltless protein cheesecake instead! I adapted various recipes to get it just the way I like it and to add a Quest bar in, of course! I am super strict on my macros right now as I prep for competition, but this easily fits while making me feel like it’s a cheat! You could use a different flavor whey protein and Quest bar for topping and make all types of cheesecakes. I’m excited to try different things! It’s super easy, even if you’ve never made a cheesecake before!
2 pkg fat free cream cheese (room temp works best)

2 cup fat free plain Greek yogurt

1 tbs vanilla

3 tbs baking stevia

3 scoop cookies & cream whey protein (I used MusclePharm)

2 eggs

2 egg whites 

1 cookies & cream Quest bar
Preheat oven to 250. Using a blender, cream together yogurt and cream cheese then add in all other ingredients EXCEPT the quest bar. Blend well then pour into a lightly greased pie pan. Mine is ceramic and does fine without grease. If you have excess “batter,” pour into an additional pie pan or make cupcake sized cheesecakes, too! Bake for 30min at 250. In the meantime, dice up the quest bar or tear into tiny pieces. When the timer dings for the oven, sprinkle quest bar pieces over the top and put back in the oven for 55min at 300. Remove and cool completely then refrigerate at least 2hrs. Overnight is best. This is so delicious and macro friendly… Anyone can squeeze a slice into their day!! A 2.5oz slice (I cut the pie into 16 slices) contains: 98cal, 1.5g fat, 7.3g carb, 14.1g protein. 

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