Client Spotlight: Victoria Taylor

It’s time for another client spotlight! Miss Victoria is a perfect example of someone that others might look at as a bikini competitor who must just be “naturally small” (she is 4’11”) or have it easier than they do. What they may not know is that her she has totally transformed her lifestyle and lost 70lbs in the process! She competed at the Dallas Europa Games in Bikini category in 2015 and again in 2016, improving the package she brought to the stage as well as the placement was awarded! She doesn’t just compete, though. She continually inspires those around her with her commitment to living a happy and healthy life and I am so proud to have her as a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness team. See more from this pint-sized rockstar below!
Q&A with Victoria

Profession: Deputy Clerk

How long have you been training with Feisty Fox Fitness? 7 months (Kelley’s note: not all of her weight loss was during this time, she has had a patient journey of hard work!) 

How did you first get interested in fitness? Walking around in a world filled with more overweight people than people who are fit, I didn’t want to be average anymore… I wanted to be above average…. I wanted to be fit and healthy.

How do you find the time (or what do you think is most important) to be consistent with your training and nutrition? 

I had to decide where I wanted to be and determine what would work best with my busy schedule. For me, working out after my 8-5 job worked best. I am able to wake up in the morning and reflect on the joys that God has given me while eating a balanced hearty breakfast to provide me energy to conquer the day.
What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family?

Being a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family has allowed me to surround myself with a group of beautiful women who are so encouraging and love to share the passion of health and fitness. I have never met a group of women who are so supportive and so beautiful inside and out.
What are your most and least favorite exercises so far?

My most favorite exercises are box jump burpees and anything to do with biceps. I don’t really have a least favorite workout, but if I had to choose one that just doesn’t get me excited … it’s CARDIO.

What is your best piece of health or fitness advice?

Do not rush the process and for heaven’s sake, do not be dependent on the number on the scale! You didn’t gain weight overnight, so it isn’t going to go away overnight. Unfortunately it is a lot more difficult to lose the body fat, but the journey along the way is so rewarding! You become stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.


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