Client Spotlight: Sara Bench

I am SO proud of Sara and the things she has accomplished over her steady health and fitness journey. She has learned not to rush long term results and is reaping the rewards of her patient hard work! Watching clients like her continually progress and love themselves from the inside out is exactly what I love about my career as a trainer and nutritionist. She is definitely a Feisty Fox! 
Here’s a little Q&A to get to know Sara better! 

Profession: Administrative Assistant
How long have you been working with Feisty Fox Fitness? Since October 2016
How did you first get interested in health & fitness? I have many health issues in my family and it is truly important to me to be healthy for myself and my kids. I also want to shed some pounds before I turn 30 in July 2017.
How do you find the time (or what do you think is most important) to be consistent with your training and nutrition? I used Kelley’s meal plan for two weeks strictly and now use it as a guide for my nutrition. We have a new schedule as a family where my husband is home more so I am able to eat dinner with my family then either bathe & put kids to bed then work out OR my husband tackles bath & bed so I can work out earlier.  
What is your proudest accomplishment thus far, in terms of health and fitness? I set out to lose 1lb a week in January 2017 until July, and I am successfully doing it.  
What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family? Kelley is kind, patient, knowledgeable & helpful. I truly think part of my success is due to her coaching me along.
What have you found to be the biggest challenge on your journey so far? If you have or are continuing to overcome it, how? The weekends are hard, we eat out, we go out with friends & I am off my schedule. I have realized I can eat some things that aren’t macro rich but I also realized I can’t eat a greasy hamburger anymore even if I take the bun off. I now drink vodka/water/lime when we do go out and eat something really healthy before or eat healthy out. I litterally ordered grilled chicken/broccoli at a bar two weekends ago, I couldn’t believe it.  
What is your best piece of health or fitness advice? Start small, work at it each day but one day at a time. Make small changes (I swapped coffee creamer/coffee for flavored green tea) and love yourself through the journey.

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