Client Spotlight: Patricia

It’s time for another client spotlight!! I am proud to have had Pat in the Feisty Fox Fitness Family for over a year now! To say that she’s a hard-worker is an understatement. No matter what we’re doing in small group training, she puts in 100% and encourages those around her, too. Check out a bit of what this strong woman has to say:

Profession: Warehouse Manager, City of Weatherford

How long have you been working with Feisty Fox Fitness? Approximately year, year ½ …??

How did you first get interested in health & fitness?  I’ve been an athlete pretty much my whole life.  Basketball was my passion.  Went to college on a basketball scholarship. I got re-interested after the birth of my grandchildren.  I had gained a lot of weight.  Had become sedentary and I need to be able to run and play with those babies.

How do you find the time (or what do you think is most important) to be consistent with your training and nutrition? Like anything worthwhile you have to make the time.  My nutrition isn’t where it needs to be, I fail daily with my eating habits.  The only way to see results is to be consistent, but I’m not there yet.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far, in terms of health and fitness? I have lost almost 50 pounds +/- and I can almost get through a full session without having to stop.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family? The small group.  The encouragement. A trainer who is invested in me, not just the $$’s on her bank account.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge on your journey so far? If you have or are continuing to overcome it, how? Bar none, it’s the nutrition side of it.  I do really well for a few days and then……life happens, a stressful day, a celebration and being a good ole’ southerner it’s all fixed with food.  My experience to overcoming it is meal prep…meal prep…meal prep

What is your best piece of health or fitness advice? Start.  That’s it.  Just start.  You never know what you can accomplish until you try.

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