Client Spotlight: Christine Byrkit

Christine is the winner of the recent Feisty Fox Fitness Big Change Challenge!! It’s only fitting that I feature her as our client spotlight so you can learn a bit more about this rockstar and the stellar progress she’s made physically, mentally, and emotionally! I am so proud.

Q&A With Christine!

Profession:  CDS Sales Adviser at Costco

How long have you been working with Feisty Fox Fitness?

A little over 6 months

How did you first get interested in health & fitness?  

In August my salt level got really low and one of my doctors noticed that through my regular test that I have to do.  Once finding out we had to lower the dosage of one of my medications as well as my liquid intake to raise my salt level.  For a couple of weeks my body went whack.  I also had gained 25 pounds in half a year.  I started thinking that it was time to make some changes.  I was no longer that 20-year-old who can eat and do what she likes.  I now entered a new stage in my life. Kelley is my college friend and I knew she owns a gym and is helping women achieve their health and fitness goals.  I was interested in her online plans since I live a little too far.  Before contacting her, I asked myself if I would succeed at this?  I admit that I am one who likes to know before I start anything that I will be successful at it.  I am one who puts a toe in to test the water before diving in, but this isn’t something you can just test the water.  You either do it or don’t.  So, I made the choice to jump in and give it my all even without knowing I would succeed.  As you could tell from my photos, I think I made the right decision.

How do you find the time (or what do you think is most important) to be consistent with your training and nutrition?  

I am still working on finding the time for my workouts.  However, when I am consistent, I look forward to trying out a new exercise I have never seen before.  I didn’t see it as something I have to do but something that I want to do.  I think that is the key to consistency.  As for nutrition I think tracking my food helped me see what is going into my body.  Also, having a goal to reach helped, too.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far, in terms of health and fitness?  

I lost 32 pounds over the 6 months.  I took Kelley’s Nutrition challenge and lost 16 pounds during that time.  I also realize that I am taking more risks that I wouldn’t have before.  For instance, signing up for a class to help me prepare for two tests to get my A+ certification.  The tests seem hard and complicated, but I am giving myself a chance and going for it anyway.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family?  

I have two things I like about Feisty Fox Fitness.  First is Kelley of course.  I got a chance to meet Kelley in college and joined her organization called Rotaract.  She was always a great leader with a positive outlook. I knew whatever she does in her life she will succeed at it.  She is a great role model.  The second thing is the Nutrition Challenge.  Everyone who took the challenge was so positive and encouraging to me and everyone else.  

What have you found to be the biggest challenge on your journey so far? If you have or are continuing to overcome it, how?  

Right now, would be keeping up with my exercises.  Still working on creating a good habit of working out.  I think that would be my focus this month as well as continuing to keep up with my nutrition.  

What is your best piece of health or fitness advice? 

During the Nutrition Challenge I have seen several times someone post “New Day and New Week” when they or someone else didn’t do well that day or week.  That to me is the best advice to give.  When you fall down you get back up.  Staying down and dwelling on what you did wrong is what keeps us from improving.  What we were yesterday does not have to be what we are today.

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