Client Spotlight: Leslie

Time for a client spotlight!! Leslie is a valued member of the Feisty Fox Fitness Family. She is a wonderful example of persistence and grit, often in the face of adversity. Her strength and passion for life are apparent the moment you meet her!

Strength embodied! 💪

Profession: Lab Manager at Reata Pharmaceuticals

How did you first get interested in health and fitness? I have been interested in health and fitness since after college. I was overweight as a kid, struggled to keep my weight down. I started running after college and continued until about 6 years ago. I started lifting after my 6th knee surgery.

How long have you been working with Feisty Fox? 4 years

How do you find the time (or what do you think is most important) to be consistent with your training and nutrition? I have multiple autoimmune disorders and a collagen disorder. As I have gotten older, the symptoms have progressed. Eating clean and training are a necessity for me to function, mentally and physically.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family? I love having someone to ask questions and bounce ideas off in regard to training and nutrition. I struggle to hit my daily macros, I find support and encouragement from Kelley.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge on your journey so far? If you have or are continuing to overcome it, how? Hitting my macros. The medicines I take for my medical issues reduce my appetite. It is hard for me to hot my muscle mass goal if I can’t hit my macros daily. So, I am incorporating peanut butter into protein shakes to help.

What is your best piece of health advice? Keep moving! No matter what, just keep moving! We all have days when we don’t have time or we don’t feel good or we are too busy. But if you take at least 15 minutes to walk around the block, jump rope, push ups, ride a bike… anything. You will feel de-stressed mentally and physically!

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